Chesapeake Driving School Reopening Plan

Attention CDS Parents and Students!

Thank you all for your patience during these unusual times. We would like to update everyone on the latest information we have regarding the continuation of drivers education.

First, we will offer most of our classes in an online format for safety's sake. We will also offer limited in-person classes. We are aware some clients will need this option, although we are continuing to encourage the online format if at all possible.

We continue to do our best to try and complete behind the wheel lessons in a timely manner. We ask for your patience as we utilize all our instructors to try and meet everyone's needs while facing an ongoing back log caused by the past shutdowns.

Thank you for your flexibility as we join efforts to support one another through this time of uncertainty.

Please visit the MVA here
https: //

For information regarding rescheduling as we receive information from the MVA the same time the public does

Please note all drives with students will require the following based on new MVA requirements:
1. Student and Instructor must wear a mask that covers nose and mouth during drive times
2. Parents must sign a waiver allowing student to participate in "behind-the-wheel" lessons while following guidelines.


We continue to sterilize cars in between drives.
Please contact us directly with any individual questions so that we may alleviate any confusion.
Thanks again for your help and patience.

Drive Safely, Chesapeake Driving School

Contact Details

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 443-975-7457. Thank you for your cooperation as we fight COVID-19.