1. MVA New Driver Manual
    • Download the MVA New Driver Manual and print it out for reference (Or get one from the MVA)
    • Download Here

  2. MVA Graduated Licensing System brochure
  1. Obtain a learner's permit
    • Go to a MVA location for a vision and multiple choice knowledge test
    • Must be 15 years and 9 months of age
    • Must be held for a minimum of 9 months before eligible for Provisional License

  2. Complete a new Driver's Ed program with Chesapeake Driving School
    • Register on this website
    • Complete 30 hours of classroom driver's ed. instruction *
    • Complete 6 hours Behind the Wheel instruction *
    • * Taken care of with our $315-$360 new driver education course

  3. Pass a Driving Skills Test
  1. You can:
    • Sign up for Driver's Ed as soon as you turn 15
    • Apply for a learner's permit at the age of 15 and 9 months
    • Start a Driver's Ed class before you even get your Learner's Permit

  2. The Driver's Ed course consists of two parts:
    • A classroom portion
    • An in-car driving portion
    • Complete 6 hours Behind the Wheel instruction
    Students may take the classroom portion without a learner's permit, and then return for the on-the-road training after they have obtained their permit.
Currently we are offering weekday classes after school.

  1. Weekday after school classes:
    • The classroom portion of the course runs for 2 weeks: Monday through Friday.
    • Each class day is 3 hours with a small break.
There are also 3 in-car driving lessons of 2 hours each (a total of 6 in-car hours). Students choose dates & times for the in-car lessons. You must have a Learner's Permit to schedule these drives.
New driver education courses are held in a high school, after school, and also in at our Duke Street location in Prince Frederick. To attend a class held in a high school, you must be a current Calvert County Public Schools student. CLICK HERE for more information
You can Register Online to sign up for the Driver's Education class.
Chesapeake Driving School accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Please email office@chesapeakeds.com.
  1. On the first day of class, you'll need to bring the following items:
    • Identification: either a learner's permit, birth certificate, or passport
    • Your tuition payment for the course, if you did not pay in advance
    • A pen and notebook to take notes
Your driving instructor will schedule your drive times when they see you in class. You will also have your instructor's contact information if you need to make arrangements via phone or call/email our office here.
    There is a missed drive fee of $60.
  1. MVA policy requires that all students attend the first day of class.
  2. You cannot miss more than 4 days of class.
  3. If you miss any other class, other than the first day, you need to make up that class at a future date.
  4. You can always view the curriculum here.
Except in very rare circumstances, our instructors will pick you up at home or the location you request and drop you off at the location you request.